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Photo Effects: welcome!

Cool photo effects can help you improve your old pictures and make them look better. Using a cool photo effect can really make a difference between a picture that looks completely dull and a second one that looks stunning.

If you are looking for a way to take your photographic skills to an entire new dimension, this site is for you! You don’t need an expensive camera or anything like that. You may need basic photo software like Adobe but even that’s not compulsory. You will indeed need some skills and judgment to make the right use of the techniques presented on this site. But we are convinced that you will succeed!

Make amazing pictures with cool photo effects

You are just about to learn how to self-start a few experiments that will definitely help you achieve really cool photos in just a few minutes!

For digital photos, you absolutely have to try these few tricks and tips that we have developed just for you.

Software Technique for Photoshop – Radiance & Shades

• Adjust the intensity: (also called levels) this is really important for any picture! Really without this you are not doing any picture or photo justice. Just go to the menu that says “Adjust Image” (or a variation of this depending on which software you are using!) Assure yourself that you preview as you make the changes. The different arrows will help you adjust the light and shades. Adjust the White and Black (Dark) Separately, making sure you have the right amount of intensity. At the same time, you don’t want to go too far and make the picture over-saturated. You can use the arrows to brighten or adjust the tones in order to make your photo perfect. This is really cool for adjusting pictures that are too dark or that don’t have enough contrast.

• Burn: You can find this very useful tool in your toolbar. It looks a bit like a closed hand. This tool will help you darken any area that you judge too bright. You can easily use it to correct a picture that has the wrong exposure, and you can make these changes very localised so it’s quite handy. A very common technique is to use this burn tool to burn the edges of your photograph. This attracts the viewer’s attention to the centre of your photograph. This is due to the shape of most pictures. Corners that are too bright are no good for you.

Photo Effects

This is just one of many little tricks that every photographer uses daily to create very cool effects for pictures. With little effects like this one you can make a dull photo look amazing!


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